Expert Developmental Pediatric Services in Dubai, UAE

Welcome to Dr. Haneesha’s Developmental Pediatric Services, where we are committed to nurturing the potential of every child. As a trusted developmental pediatrician in Dubai, UAE, Dr. Haneesha specializes in providing comprehensive care for children with developmental concerns.

Child Development Specialist in Dubai

As a leading child development specialist in Dubai, Dr. Haneesha brings extensive expertise in assessing and supporting children facing developmental challenges. With a personalized approach, we aim to empower every child to reach their full potential.

Learning Disability Assessment Dubai

Accurate assessment of learning disabilities is crucial for understanding a child’s unique needs. Dr. Haneesha conducts thorough learning disability assessments to identify specific areas of challenge. These assessments serve as the foundation for tailoring individualized intervention strategies.

When it comes to learning disability assessment in Dubai, Dr. Haneesha’s meticulous approach ensures that each child’s learning profile is carefully evaluated.

Autism Diagnosis in Dubai

Early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders is key to providing effective support. Dr. Haneesha specializes in autism diagnosis in Dubai, using evidence-based assessments and tools. By identifying autism early, we can implement targeted interventions to support the child and their family.
In our commitment to autism diagnosis in Dubai, we emphasize the importance of early identification and intervention.

Developmental Milestones Dubai

Tracking developmental milestones is crucial for monitoring a child’s growth trajectory. Dr. Haneesha and her team provide comprehensive evaluations to assess your child’s developmental progress. By identifying any delays or deviations early on, we implement targeted interventions to support your child’s journey towards achieving their full potential.

In our dedication to developmental milestones in Dubai, we ensure that children receive the support they need to thrive.

With Dr. Haneesha’s expertise, personalized care, and collaborative approach, you can be assured that your child is receiving the best developmental pediatric services in Dubai, UAE. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards unlocking your child’s full potential.

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