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Dr. Pinnamaraju Haneesha

Your Compassionate Developmental Pediatrician

Dr. Haneesha Pinnamaraju

Dr. Haneesha, a highly skilled professional specialized in developmental and behavioural pediatrics. With her extensive knowledge and compassionate approach, Dr. Haneesha is committed to helping children reach their full potential and empowering families with the resources they need to navigate developmental challenges.

Expertise and Qualifications

Dr. Haneesha holds an impressive array of degrees and qualifications, underscoring her expertise in the field of developmental pediatrics. Her educational journey includes

Bachelor of medicine and surgery (MBBS)

Dr. Haneesha earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from a reputable medical school, where she honed her medical knowledge and clinical skills.

Doctor of Pediatric Medicine (MD Pediatrics)

Following medical school, Dr. Haneesha completed a rigorous residency program in Pediatrics, gaining invaluable experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various pediatric conditions.

Fellowship in Developmental Pediatrics

Dr. Haneesha pursued specialized training through a fellowship program in Developmental Pediatrics. This intensive program focused on diagnosing and managing developmental disorders in children, equipping her with advanced knowledge and expertise. She has undergone rigorous training and education to become an expert in identifying, diagnosing, and managing developmental disorders and delays in children. Her comprehensive knowledge spans a wide range of conditions, including autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disabilities, learning disorders, and language delays, among others.

Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH)

Dr. Haneesha has achieved the prestigious MRCPCH degree, awarded by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK. This qualification demonstrates her advanced knowledge and competence in the specialized field of pediatrics.

Compassionate Care and Individualized Approach

Dr. Haneesha understands that every child is unique, and she believes in providing personalized care tailored to each child’s specific needs. She takes the time to listen to parents’ concerns, thoroughly evaluates each child’s developmental profile, and collaborates with families to create a customized treatment plan. With her compassionate demeanor and empathetic nature, she builds strong relationships with her young patients and their families, fostering trust and creating a comfortable environment.

Comprehensive Developmental Assessments

As a developmental pediatrician, Dr. Haneesha offers comprehensive developmental assessments to identify and evaluate potential developmental delays or disorders in children. These assessments involve a combination of thorough medical history reviews, developmental screenings, standardized tests, and direct observation. Dr. Haneesha employs evidence-based assessment tools and follows established protocols to ensure accurate diagnoses and comprehensive evaluations.

Collaborative Approach and Family Involvement

Dr. Haneesha strongly believes in a collaborative approach to care. She actively involves parents and caregivers in the decision-making process, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their child’s condition, treatment options, and long-term goals. Dr. Haneesha provides guidance and support to families, connecting them with appropriate resources, therapies, and educational interventions. By fostering strong partnerships with families, she empowers them to actively participate in their child’s developmental journey.

Continuum of Care and Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Dr. Haneesha recognizes the importance of a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to managing developmental disorders. She collaborates closely with other healthcare professionals, such as psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and educators, to provide holistic care for her patients. By coordinating care across various disciplines, Dr. Haneesha ensures that her patients receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment plans.

Advocacy and Education

Dr. Haneesha is not only dedicated to providing excellent clinical care but also passionate about advocacy and education. She actively engages in community outreach programs, workshops, and seminars to raise awareness about developmental disorders and promote early intervention. Dr. Haneesha believes that educating the community and breaking down stigmas surrounding developmental challenges is essential for ensuring a supportive environment for children and families.

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